The Best Spinner Tutorial – Overview of the User Interface

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Although generally frown upon by the search engines, SEO article writing with the use of semi or fully automated tools such as The Best Spinner has one advantage over traditional writing: generating multiple and unique variations of the original text in article spinners significantly speeds up the process of content creation.

When you spin articles words are replaced by their synonym equivalents and the structure of sentences and paragraphs is rearranged in such a way that it does not disrupt the original meaning of the article. Producing rewritten variations of the original text can be done manually without any specialized tools, however it may take some time until you get the required number of rewrites. Luckily, spinning can be done much faster with the help of advanced article spinning software such as The Best Spinner, and this tutorial is designed to give you a quick overview of the features and capabilities of this software.

Note: If you find this text difficult to follow, or generally prefer any kind of similar training in a video form, please visit where you’ll find free video guides discussing all the features of The Best Spinner in more detail.

Article rewriting in The Best Spinner can be done either with the use of its automation tools, or manually by highlighting each word or phrase and selecting the synonyms you wish to replace the original term with. In case of automated tools, The Best Spinner allows for adjusting the quality of rewrites, however an important thing to have in mind here is that even the best quality setting does not guarantee a perfectly readable output. Fortunately, correcting portions of text that may sound unnatural or awkward is fairly simple with this program as it offers a built-in grammar checker, but also a very handy interface functionality which allows you to move between spun output copies and make corrections on the fly.

The Best Spinner’s interface is divided into two horizontal areas. The upper half of the screen is where you paste the original text, the bottom half contains available synonyms and input areas where you can insert new variations of each sentence or paragraph. After opening an article The Best Spinner automatically finds all the words and phrases with available synonyms and highlights them with an underscore. Manual editing can be done by double clicking on each of the words The Best Spinner was able to find a synonym for and choosing the appropriate single or multiple replacements displayed in the bottom half of the screen.

Manual spinning can also be done on the sentence and paragraph level. Rewritten sentences and paragraphs will add to the uniqueness of the spun article as The Best Spinner will choose only one random version of a sentence or paragraph and include it in the output copy. These techniques, coupled with spinning of individual words in each sentence or paragraph will greatly increase the uniqueness of your articles.

The EasySpin option further speeds up the article rewriting process by offering an interface in which every word is displayed with its own dropdown list underneath containing all the available replacements for that word. The easiest automated spinning method relies on one of the interface options which allows at a click of a single button to replace all the highlighted words and phrases with the most common used synonyms and phrases from the the user-generated thesaurus.

New synonyms placed in the edited text are grouped inside a block delimited by curly brackets and separated inside that block with the pipe symbol. These blocks of text form the so-called spintax and for achieving even greater uniqueness of the spun article The Best Spinner allows going deeper by adding another synonym variations within already spun blocks of text which results in nested spins.

Another feature of The Best Spinner interface allows for protecting words and phrases such as brand names or products from spinning, preventing any manual or automated rewriting of such terms. Using protected terms can be a real time saver preventing additional clean-up after the article is spun. In The Best Spinner this can be done easily by right clicking on a given word in the editor window and choosing this option from the pop-up menu. Multiple entries can be defined in one of the menus on the Settings and Options tab.

Another useful feature of The Best Spinner is the possibility for adding and spinning hyperlinks based on keyword and target url. Multiple links pointing to one site can be grouped into a category in the hyperlink manager and inserted automatically whenever The Best Spinner finds an associated keyword which in such a case becomes the anchor text in the edited article. For greater diversity anchor text can also be spun just like any other word or phrase.

The Best Spinner’s data merge option is the ability to create protected fields in a document that automatically populate with entries arranged in a separate file. The data file can contain multiple records, for example consisting of names, surnames, addresses, telephone numbers, but this applies to any other type of text entries. In case of multiple records the data merge function saves a lot of time as The Best Spinner automatically populates the spun article with entries found in the data merge file.

A percentage number displayed in the bottom right corner of the Best Spinner’s interface window allows to track on the fly the level of uniqueness of the spun text. This number gets updated when the edited text is being saved (frequent saving is highly recommended during manual spins) and shows the difference between the spun and original copy. Completely rewritten articles can also be checked with the built-in duplicate content checker tools. The Best Spinner offers checks against Copyscape (which requires an API key), but also its own built-in tool which is equally effective and what’s more important free to use. Another related feature allows for comparing the uniqueness of all spun copies against each other. This comes in a form of a handy grid with percentage values which is another convenient way of double-checking of all the articles before publishing.

The Best Spinner allows for generating of up to 1000 spun copies either as separate article files or combined in a single file with a user-generated separator text marking the beginning and the end of each copy. With the use of built-in tools it is possible to publish a single post to a WordPress blog or add the spun article to The Best Spinner’s own article directory where it can be picked up by other users for republishing on the web provided that the copy stays intact which gives the benefit of additional free backlinks. The content distribution capabilities of The Best Spinner are limited however the generated spun articles can easily be exported to a format used by any web submission tool or service by changing or adding custom spintax format.


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